Gas and oil companies are discovering, Signature Enclosures standard and custom line enclosures can provide a safe stable environment. As facilities move towards complete automation and remote control, new technologies are being implemented to increase production and efficiency. Signature Enclosures can help you protect your equipment with our line of insulated and non-insulated fiberglass enclosures. The benefits include…


  • Wide variety of sizes and options available, There’s a product to fit every application.
  • Expedite your installation. We can provide the proper bulk-heads and cut outs for your equipment.
  • Our fiberglass enclosures are much lighter than metallic, further reducing installation hassle.
  • Customization is our specialty!

With global demand pushing oil and gas fields into more remote locations, high end and expensive equipment needs to function properly over long periods of time. Maintaining a controlled environment for fluids, sensors, and other delicate equipment becomes vital. Our enclosures are manufactured to NEMA 4X standards, providing optimal wind, dust, water, ice, and corrosion protection for sensors and other data collection equipment that require sensitive calibration. For equipment or materials needing additional thermal protection, Signature Enclosures has a full line of insulated products, which are unaffected by weather extremes. Protect your installation investment with rugged fiberglass enclosures from Signature Enclosures, reducing the frequency and expense of ongoing maintenance. These are some of the reasons gas and oil companies consider Signature Enclosures to be the industry standard in protective enclosures. Take a look through our product catalog to see how Signature Enclosures can help your company, or call us to talk about custom designs.

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